Hello, I don't have a card to show you today. Instead I have some one to introduce to you. This is Bandit and he is one of my TWELVE cats. Bandit, along with his three sisters and his mother were rescued from being shot as they were feral and roaming over a local farm. So we brought them home, intending to find somewhere else for them to live, but nobody wanted them and we ended up keeping them as they fit in really well with our other cats. They are all wonderful cats, sociable and loving and they like to 'help' me when I am crafting. So that's the reason behind the name 'Twelve Cats Crafting'. Hope you like the picture of Bandit dressed up in his woolly hat and scarf. Will be back soon with another card and thanks for stopping by. 


  1. It was such a wonderful thing that you were there to save the cats and then give them a loving home! My cat Sooty looks like Bandit but not as stylish :) I've only got three cats but would definitely have more if I had a bigger house. I bet they're a really big 'help' with your crafting, one of mine 'helps' by running off with ribbon and buttons but especially like anything shiny including money.
    Thanks for sharing the tale of how your blog got it's name, it's really made me smile. Have a great week with your feline family. Debra x


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